Friday, February 10, 2006

Progressives unite: A far fetched resolution

I have been collecting addresses of interesting blogs for a while in order to update the list on your right. But one blog that I have to tell you about right away is “A far fetched resolution”. Just read the “About me”:
I'm a political hack on an away day, taking a brief sojourn in academia with a view to making an honest man of myself. Bored enough to think that sharing my thoughts with the world might be interesting. DisLikes: the loopy left of the cult-like factional kind, Liberal Democrats, the Conservative party and ideology and everything they stand for, Consensus. Likes: The city of Liverpool my home (spiritual and sometimes temporal), the Labour Party in all it's manifestations (at least most of them), my cat, a good argument, wine, pubs.
I did not know about the cat, but something is telling me that this blog will combine hilarious reflections with sharp political analysis. Go on and bookmark/add to your link list right away!


Blogger Huggy said...

The other good thing about 'afarfetchedresolution' is that it has helped me find your blog (very impressive as it is!) Good to see you are well.

13/2/06 14:27  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Yepp, things are well, election year AND world cup is always crazy. But I hope to make it to Britain soon again.

13/2/06 18:33  

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