Monday, April 23, 2007

Second round, but it will be tough...

Long day yesterday, but a lot of fun: Election night at Rue de Solférino (PS HQ), and then Royals speech at 1 am. And then I wrote this article for Aktuellt i Politiken, and now (Monday morning) it is time for some more seminars before we fly home.

The main theme
of the article in short: PS-people I talked to were happy since a lot of people voted, Le Pen messed up, they got the larger share of the vote to the left (again) and they made it to the second round with Mitterrand 1981-figures.

But: Can Royal win? Yes, because now it is the left against the hard right, change vs. more of the same. And a lot of Bayrou’s vote will go to Royal since there is a huge anti-Sarkozy vote behind Bayrou. And the votes of to the left of Royal are much safer than the votes to the right. And people really want change, and if Royal can build on that, she will win. That was the analysis last night. Optimistic, I know, but hey this is my blog.

More later.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The result of the second round will depend much on what Bayrou and his supporters will do, and if Le Pen's voters decide to go for Sarkozy or stay at home.

It'll be interesting to see if the debate will be more about programme or personality.

I do hope we get a royal president i France :)

23/4/07 12:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chirac supports Sarkozy in the second round. The kiss of death?

23/4/07 12:36  

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