Thursday, April 19, 2007

Three short ones

New Bruce Springsteen-record and DVD in June, pre-order here. 23 songs drawn from the band's performances in Dublin, Ireland at The Point in November 2006. Will make you wanna dance!

* * *

You haven’t missed Leo Messi’s goal à la Maradona 1986, have you? Link here.

* * *

Recently Erik Fichtelius interviewed an important man who is building a big house, but it all began with dolls and a small house. [Thanks Torbjörn]

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Anonymous Henrik Gustafsson said...

...Och Springsteen sjöng ju "We are living in a dollhouse" i en sång som spelades in sent 70-tal och sedan dök upp på "Tracks" 1998.

Figge känns igen. Dock ses han sällan barfota i TV numera.

19/4/07 17:40  

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