Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bruce Springsteen: Radio Nowhere

The first single from Bruce Springsteen’s forthcoming album ”Magic” has been released and you can download it through different newspapers (Expressen in Sweden). However, we live in the YouTube-age and there you can already listen to the song, see videos that folks have put together, and listen to a cover by one of these men with a guitar, recording themselves in the bedroom.

I like the single – Radio Nowhere – because it is three minutes of simple, straight Bruce Springsteen rock. However, this one will not be a classic. Maybe a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10. It is not a few minutes of pure rock that blows you out of your shoes, like ”Roulette”, ”Where the bands are”, ”Loose Ends” and other wonderful Springsteen-songs from the late 1970s (to be found on the box-set Tracks, for example).

But there is a new album coming and the rumor says that Bruce Springsteen and the E-street Band will play in Stockholm on December 10th. That will be a great warm up for Christmas.

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Anonymous lena said...

I like him to...and Clemens is a wonderful person...

12/9/07 22:35  

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