Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Karl Rove resigns, and America turns left?

Just as my copy of the newspaper The Economist arrived at my desk, a major piece of political news broke. The piece of news? Karl Rove is resigning. And on the cover of The Economist? The question ”Is American turning left?” For a political nerd, a coincident like this is what we live for and laugh at.

And yes, Karl Rove has a brilliant political mind, that I love(d) to hate and fear. But so many nasty things come to my mind when I think of his legacy. On such thing is the campaign against Democratic senator Max Cleland (Wiki here).

However, Karl Rove’s major idea – to create a lasting Republican majority, just like FDR’s Democratic majority in the 1930s – will hopefully never become a reality. The reason is the war in Iraq that should give us a Democrat in the White House and a larger majority in Congress after the 2008 Elections. Please, plays those cards well, dear Democrats.

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Blogger S R Larson said...

It is feeble of you on the left to hope for a Democrat in the White House after '08. First of all, look at the field of candidates.

John Edwards, fmr VP candidate and one-term senator, is more known for his $400 haircuts than anything else. He is betting his entire effort on winning the Iowa caucus but he does not have an act two.

Barack Obama has shown so much inexperience of late that his most tactful response now would be to step aside. He won't of course, which only goes to further solidify how inexperienced he really is. Some people think he is going to be Hillary's VP candidate but a much more likely name for that is Bill Richardson.

Speaking of whom: he has fundraising problems and can't explain what makes him different.

Hillary is stuck in the opinion polls and will have a very hard time against either of the two top Republicans (not counting McCain who is on his way out). Her only chance of winning is by pulling her opponent down in the mud and she won't be able to do that this time. She has never won a constested race and has two enormous liabilities: her husband and her flip-flops on Iraq. Bill is a problem because she is marketing him so hard as an asset that people are beginning to wonder if they are voting for her or him.

It's a 65+% chance that Rudy wins. Plus: keep in mind that since the Democrats took over Congress they have managed to erode confidence in Congress to record low levels. Never before has the American people had such low faith in Congress and never before have so few said they think Congress is doing a good job. With this in mind they will sure lose the Senate and it is even unlikely they will hold on to the House.

15/8/07 22:22  
Blogger lasermike026 said...

Sir, you are delusional. How can you talk about bullcrap politics while lives stand in the balance?

Bush and the Republicans have put back American's international status 100 years, bankrupted the government, wasted money that could have been used to benefit Americans, corrupted the judicial system, obliterated the constitution, destroyed the city of New Orleans letting over 2000 Americans die, tortured, committed war crimes, and destroyed the country of Iraq leading to the deaths of a million Iraqis and made millions more refugees. The American people would vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a Republican.

I am an registered Democrat and democratic socialist. We are working very hard to remove for power and minimize politically Bush and the Republican Party.

29/8/07 06:39  

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