Monday, August 01, 2005

Sing along: Ode to ECOSY

Just for fun: here is the lyrics to a song I wrote for the ECOSY-summer camp. Enjoy!

Ode to ECOSY

Melody: An die freude by Beethoven
Lyrics: Eric Sundström (SSF), inspired by Magnus Wennerhag (SSF)

ECOSY you have a special place in our beating hearts
Your red vision unifies us in our Union’s different parts
From Galway Bay to Nicosia, from Gibraltar to Hammerfest
Red hearts can be heard when beating proudly in our members’ chests

Like the thread of Adriane you direct our battle cry
Guided by our blood red banners, we will fight until we die
The Minotaurs of market Europe better get prepared to pray
As we unite for Social Europe they won’t stand another day

Many great and famous leaders started out in our group
Yamilla, Åsa, Anders Lindberg, guided by our chief Nyrup
ECOSY you breed great leaders that will govern town and land
As we win elections we can see our peoples hand in hand

Our vision, red and federal, will soon be our Union’s law
First we need a constitution written by our own Bureau
Then in our greater Europe, in Minsk and Kiev and Ankara
Twelve star flags will guarantee our ECOSY utopia


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Sorry Eric, Europe United was always the classic political song! :-) Written by me and a Swedish liberal (Anders Ekberg) it was so good that Åsa Westlund pinched it... For the original version in all its glory, have a look here.

8/8/05 17:24  

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