Friday, July 15, 2005

Thanks for all positive feedback!

I have heard from quite a few persons that many people follow this blog right now to get information about what Emma, Claes and I are up to here in Kurdistan. I also understand that my English speaking friends visit the blog to check that everything is ok with me here, which reaffirms that starting blogging in English was the right thing to do. However, in August I will start a political blog in Swedish at AiP:s website but I will keep this blog in order to continue to write about politics, music and football in English. However, you are all welcome to leave comments on this blog in Swedish or English, even if I also read, and try to find the time to, reply to all the e-mails I get about this trip. Stay tuned!


Anonymous Esa Suominen said...


Even us Finns are keeping an eye on you while touring. :) Thanks for a very interesting blog (which has given us studying social democrats in Finland a lot of new ideas and viewpoints) and take care. See you on ECOSY Camp, where you'll have to tell me all about your trip.
Ha det bra.


15/7/05 11:51  
Anonymous Henrik Gustafsson said...

Yes, Eric we will stay tuned to read about this journey. S-studenter is everywhere nowadays.

I´m thinking a lot about what´s happend in London last week.
Even trips to London are not safe
anymore. In Madrid the attacks came just before election day...

15/7/05 14:00  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Esa: So great to hear from you, say hello to all friends in Finland, and see you in Portugal.

Henrik: Your remark about London and Madrid is sad but true. What will happen next?

16/7/05 09:04  

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