Friday, September 16, 2005

Carin and Bono or Bush and Reinfeldt

When I was looking for a press release for another story today, I ran into this picture and thanks Matilda Hulth for allowing me to publish it. I often joke about that you have to choose between the “Bs” today, either you support campaigns like “Make poverty history”, then you are in the “B-gang” with Bono, Blair and Brown. Or you hesitate, like Fredrik Reinfeldt did yesterday, and then you are with the “bad-B-gang” with Bush, Bolton, Berlusconi, Barosso and Buttiglione. Here you see that our Minister of Foreign Aid, Carin Jämtin, is in the good “B-gang” with Bono. And after what Reinfeldt did yesterday I think it is high time to include him in the “bad-B-gang”. Maybe we should call him Beinfeldt?


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