Tuesday, November 15, 2005

London reflections 2: New books

As always, one must buy some books at for example Borders and Waterstones on Oxford Street. This time I bought:
  • Al Franken’s “The truth (with jokes)”: just to keep me anti-Bush-updated. And to get a good laugh.
  • Paul Richard’s (editor) “Tony Blair in his own words”: speeches and letters from the early 1980s to today, for inspiration - always rhetorically and most often politically.
  • Hugo Young's “Supping with the devils: Political writing from Thatcher to Blair”: a collection of columns by one of my all time favorite columnists. I read the foreword and introduction on the plane home and it made me miss Young’s columns a lot (he died in September 2003). His analysis is always sharp and informed, and he was very and almost too tough on Blair when it came to the war Iraq – as I remember the columns from 2003. Now I can read them again when I want, and those columns always challenge your mind - just like a good column should do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Franken's bok aer inte saa kul.
Lite foer amerikansk och saa tok-anti Bush saa att han tappar lite i troevardighet. Tyvaerr.
Men han listar en del haepnandsvaeckande-eller inte-
felaktiga uppgifter i amerikansk media fraan hoegern.

15/11/05 21:15  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

OK. Men Frankens böcker brukar gå fort att läsa, och sedan får man alltid lite kul argument. Blir nog mellandagsläsning...

17/11/05 10:24  

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