Monday, November 07, 2005

Mark Leonard, again

Sweden’s number one political TV-show, Agenda, has now turned into a new format, called “Agenda Europa” (naturally focusing more on European political issues). The first show last night was really promising, including interviews with Mark Leonard and Prime Minister Göran Persson. I also enjoyed listening to Robin Chater (president of the Federation of Employers in Europe), just because he was so unsympathetic and had opinions often exactly opposite to mine. And the idea to allow an EU-correspondent, this time from Ireland, to speak directly to the viewers about EU-issues worked really well, especially since the Irish journalist was so articulate.

So, I really liked the show, and I think the journalist Erika Bjerström is the right person to run it. Somewhere I realized though that this is a show that speaks to me; an educated, pro-European political animal. However, I hope the show also will be of interest to a wider audience, which may be the case since I think last night’s show had a mix of very interesting topics. As one might have guess, I really enjoyed the interview with Mark Leonard, I wrote about this boy-genius already in May on this blog and his book “Why Europe will run the 21st century” is a must. And Prime Minister Göran Persson also said without hesitation that some problems have proven to be too large for the nation-state to solve. Exactly.


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