Thursday, October 27, 2005

Time for southbound train

Tonight my bag is packed and tomorrow it is time to travel to the southern city of Malmö and this year's biggest political event in Sweden: the congress of the world's best social democratic party. I will be there all week, working, writing and blogging, mostly at I will try to post some conclusions in English here as well.

Earlier tonight I participated in the weekly "Press club" (Pressklubben), a 25-minute show at Svt24 in which four journalists discuss political events. Tonight we discussed, most naturally, the upcoming congress and as usual I played the role of the happy, positive social democrat whom defends the party against all evils and accusations. Actually, it was not that bad, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the interesting and I hope enlightening discussion with my fellow panelists Göran Eriksson (one of Sweden’s best political journalists), Stina Morian and Niklas Svensson. You can watch the show here.


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