Tuesday, November 15, 2005

London reflections 3: Berliner format!

As we all now, The Guardian is an excellent newspaper on the web, and won the online Oscar for Best Newspapers in the 2005 Webby Awards. In September this year The Guardian changed its traditional paper edition (see picture) to the Berliner format (same as Le Monde), partly because other newspapers (such as The Independent) has changed into a tabloid format.

I must say I like the Berliner format, which has more height than a tabloid, but due to its smaller size than the traditional broadsheet edition, it is much easier to read on the underground (you can see all three sizes, as well as a sheet of A4 paper, in the picture).

The Guardian’s “Sunday edition”, The Observer, is still printed in the old format but will go Berliner sometime early in 2006. After reading The Guardian on the underground Saturday, and The Observer the following day, I must say I prefer the new format and I also like the new typeface (Guardian Egyptian). But as you can tell from the entry below, what I miss in The Guardian is Hugo Young.


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