Monday, October 24, 2005

Conservative foreign policy

Just wrote a looong analysis of the foreign policy speech that the leader of the Conservative party (a.k.a. Swedish Tories) Mr. Reinfeldt held today. You can read the speech here and my analysis here (both in Swedish).


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

I am a bit confused why you keep on referring to the Moderates as 'the Conservative party (a.k.a. Swedish Tories)'. Now, while they might be nasty, the policies of the Moderates are not really similar to those of the UK Conservatives, the only centre-right party referred to as Tories.

Further, how many of the people reading the blog are Brits or really what Tory means?

Why not refer to them as Moderates (the Conservatives)? Or is that not derogatory enough?

Sorry for this somewhat odd comment!

25/10/05 12:02  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

I agree that the two parties have differences, most notably on Europe, but they are still members of the same group in the European parliament. I write like that sometimes just to make fun of "the Moderates" (which is not very derogatory), but Swedish Conservatives is quite good English name for them as well.

I think most Swedish people who read political blogs know that "Tory" is the name of the Conservative party in Britain, as you know we are quite close to your country and traditions. And I know quite a few people in different countries, some in Britain and Ireland, read this blog since it is in English. Their complaints were the reason I switched back to writing mostly in English.

A long answer to your not-that-odd question!

25/10/05 13:15  

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