Thursday, November 24, 2005

O'Brien and Halonen

When I lived in the US my friend and housemate Vlad encouraged me to watch Conan O'Brien's talk show, something I have enjoyed doing once in a while ever since. For quite some time you can also follow O'Brien in Sweden (TV4+), and lately there has also been a buzz about the show in Nordic newspapers. The reason is that for several shows in a row, O'Brien has been joking about the fact that he and the Finnish president Tarja Halonen are true look-alikes (see picture if you are in doubt; pale, red hair, etc). Many episodes have started with Halonen's election commercials.

I watched O’Brien joking around about this last night, for exemple reading fan-mail he has received from Finnish kids. So far, two things are certain. First, they do for sure look a lot alike... Secondly, it is really cool and a true boost for Halonen (and Finland) to get all this TV-time in the US and across the world. Naturally, this will (on average) help Halonen, a true, popular, fantastic social democrat, to get re-elected as president of Finland in January. But the real arguments why she should get re-elected has nothing to do with an American TV-show, read more here.

Finland has presidential elections in two rounds, just like France, and the big question is whether Halonen will get +50 percent already in the first round on January 15th (looks likely right now). According to the stories I have read, O’Brien is now invited to come and visit Halonen and Finland, something that might not happen – but it would be quite a boost for the campaign. Since I know quite a few Finnish friends follow this blog, I hope to get an invitation so that I can take the boat to Helsinki and help distributing some roses and leaflets during the last days of the campaign - whether O'Brien will show up or not. And a Finnish, social democratic, presidential victory party promises quite a looong and fun night. Go Tarja!


Blogger Esa Suominen said...

Consider yourself invited and warmly welcome! :) 1st round January 15th and 2nd round (if needed) 29th. Would be great to have you over!


ps. still feeling sorry for not being able to come to Bommersvik to ECOSY event.

24/11/05 19:54  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Esa! That was a quick reply. I will try to gather a group and see if we can come over, bringing the spirit of European social democracy. We missed you and Bommersvik, but we know you were busy with other stuff. See ya, and if we can come, keep the sauna warm!

25/11/05 00:14  
Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

I watch the show a lot and still I had missed this!!

25/11/05 16:28  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

It's so funny, and stayed tuned, I guess Conan o'Brien will go on and joke about this once in a while until Tarja is re-elected!

25/11/05 19:17  

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