Monday, December 12, 2005

BBC and Sweden - again!

Thanks to Jon's blog I learnt that BBC News Online has yet another story comparing British and Swedish health care. The article (and pop-up window) is a must read for everyone with an interest in politics and public policy. Jon describes the article in the following way:

"Continuing their series about Sweden, BBC News Online has published a new article about Swedish public health. Read it here. This article is more detailed than the other ones they have posted on the website. It looks in depth about how the decentralised nature of Swedish healthcare might be better than the centralised NHS. There is also a pop-up window with some excellent stats about the health of the British and Swedish populations.

However, there is one thing the Brits are still very good at: public sector broadcasting. I would really struggle to find any other country with anything quite like the BBC..."

Personally, I couldn't agree more; our decentralized system is good, and so is the BBC. But there are some remaining questions: Why is the political right in Sweden always so negative when they talk about our public health system? Why do we have to turn to the BBC in order to get a decent discussion going (also about how things can be improved)? And how will tax cuts in the magnitude of 250 billion Swedish kronor make our helath care system better?

Since I guess we will have to wait for the answer to those questions, in the meantime I recommend y'all to visit Jon's blog and the BBC and Guardian websites more often. That is so much more fun and useful, compared to listening to the negative tunes coming from Swedish right-wingers; especially when respected, international press publish stories like this.


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