Monday, December 05, 2005

Road trip reflections

Since I went on a road trip to Western Sweden for the weekend (Bohuslän and Gothenburg) I will just share some quick reflections.
1. To get a car for the weekend and drive out of town with your best friends is simply a great idea. We often did this when I lived in the US but for some reason I have not done it for ages. Anyway, it was not that expensive, and it gives you energy in a totally different way - do it!
2. The Ramones is a great band, for some reason I don’t listen to them that often these days. To listen to “She’s a sensation” and stop for dinner in the town of Arboga was actually a-ok!
3. Peter LeMarc’s new album, with quiet re-recordings of old songs, is a great. To drive through his hometown Trolhättan listening to the song “Drivved” does not beat “My hometown” in Freehold, New Jersey, of course. But it was at least somewhat close.
4. The region of Bohuslän might be the most beautiful in Sweden and the house my friend Torbjörn’s family has is wonderful. Even though it is cold and windy now, the archipelago there has a charm Stockholm cannot match.
5. A good party with old friends in Gothenburg is always worth traveling for. And we did not go to bed early, thanks GSHF for playing music and serving beer till… very late. American brunch at Hotel Liseberg Heden put us back in order, and to drive back to Stockholm just chatting about life is the best way to pass time on a quiet and dark Sunday. Just remembered: One good way to kill time on a quiet and dark Sunday. To lay down in your sofa and watch a tape of Liverpool beating Wigan 3-0, including Peter Crouch scoring for us for the first time, was also very relaxing.
(Please note that the social democratic students in Gotherburg – GSHF – now have their own blog!).


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