Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goalhanger needed in the game of life

If there was any justice in the world, Liverpool would have won against Man United today (we lost 1-0). I cannot understand how Cissé could miss an open goal from just a few yards, something that badly underlined that we are very good team - but without a real goalhanger.

When Cissé missed that chance I thought of Robbie Fowler. If Fowler had been drinking (and stuff) all night, and if he then passed out in a sleeping bag in front of the goal at Old Trafford, we could still have woken him up a second before that chance appeared and he would have scored a goal ten times out of ten. Even if he was still the sleeping bag…

As a consolation, I re-read this article about Liverpool FC under coach Rafa Benítez, published in The Guardian yesterday. It did not work, I still think we should have won, and I still think Liverpool needs a real goalhanger who can score goals like Fowler once did. But we have a good coach in Benítez.


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