Sunday, February 26, 2006

The golden generation did it!

I did not watch Liverpool beat Manchester City today, although the game was shown on cable (Canal+). The reason? Olympic ice-hockey final between Sweden and Finland. And yes, it was a fantastic victory. The decisive goal says it all: Peter Forsberg to Mats Sundin to Nicklas Lidström, who scores. Three representatives of Sweden’s golden generation, who now had their last chance to win a major tournament.

Sure, I am a federalist, I believe in a global social democratic movement and I think the nation state has had its best days. But tonight I am a very happy Swede, and our three crowns that for example can been seen on our hockey-jerseys, naturally represent Forsberg, Sundin and Lidström.


Blogger Esa Suominen said...

Congrats my friend for the victory, I was pretty sure of finding something concerning this from you blog. ;)

Can only say that I feel the same as you what comes to federalism and nation states in the contemporaty world. And still find myself making a gigantic "not again, perkele" -scene when our "Lions" fell fighting. Well, I guess Finnish ice hockey (or football) nationalism has some resemblances to Serbia when it comes down to bitter losses...

Your golden generation got their victory, ours with Selänne, Koivu, Lehtinen and Numminen didn't get theirs. One generation saw its last olympics. But anyway; what this clearly means is "the more social democrats enjoy support the better success you'll have in ice hockey." I might take this as my slogan in the coming elections and use this game as an example ;)

26/2/06 22:32  
Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Really annoying - managed to miss most of the final as I was in a Flygbussarna coach on the way to Skavsta Flygplats, just getting score updates from the driver on the coach tannoy!

The point about Social Democrats and sport is a good one - it's not just hockey where things have paid off for Sweden. They had a record world athletics championships too. Let's hope the same happens in the World Cup and gives a poll boost to the SAP...

BTW, the British government is currently weighing up how much it wants to pay for medals for the 2012 Olympics - see this from The Guardian. Strikes me sport is a good investment for any government: makes the people feel good when the teams win, and hopefully inspires the people to play more sport in local clubs too, and have better health etc., etc.

Anyway, well done Sweden today!

26/2/06 23:24  
Anonymous Petteri said...

Not only did the Tre Kronor beat the Pussy Ca..., sorry, the Lions but our total goldmedal figure remained at the big fat zero. The tiny neighbour to the South, Estonia, got three. Maybe Sweden should annex Finland again.

5/3/06 10:57  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Sports and politics is an important and interesting combination. I have heard (not confirmed) that the Brazilian government normally raise taxes when they win the World Cup. Nobody notices anyway... If Sweden gets a medal in the World Cup this summer we might get a landslide in the election, that would be a dream coming true.

And to my Finnish friends: felt kind of sad for your golden generation, but you will come back. And hopefully win more medals than Estonia!

9/3/06 13:26  

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