Friday, February 24, 2006

In cold blood

Seems to me like one should try to head off to the movies this weekend, several times. I haven’t even seen “Brokeback Mountain” yet, although people have told me that I probably will like it a lot. And I haven’t seen “Match Point”, although I have heard it is a really good but somewhat different Woody Allen-movie. And today two other movies have their opening night in Sweden; “Capote” (about the legendary author Truman Capote, infamous for his weird parties in NYC in the 1960s) and “The proposition” (written by Aussie Nick Cave).

I ran into a colleague earlier this week who had seen “Capote” on a screening for journalists and he was really thrilled (and on his way into a second-hand bookshop to look for Capote’s book “In cold blood”). I cannot wait to see Philip Seymour Hoffman (who I think I first saw as the very weird guy in ”Happiness”) as Truman Capote and the movie is getting stellar reviews in the papers this morning.

And then I will probably run to a second-hand bookstore and look for “In cold blood”. Maybe in cowboy-boots, if I finally manage too see “Brokeback Mountain” as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Eric,

Såg också Capote på en pressvisning. Håller med din kollega, den är rysligt bra.


24/2/06 20:43  

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