Sunday, February 19, 2006

House of Cards on dvd, and in Swedish newspaper

The Swedish newspaper DN now has some drive telling its readers about quality but not blockbuster things that can be seen on dvd. Yesterday the fantastic BBC political drama “House of Cards” was in focus, which surprised me and made me happy at the same time.

“House of Cards”, and the subsequent episodes “To play the King” and “Final cut”, is the story of how Francis Urquhart (Ian Richardson) becomes British PM after Margaret Thatcher. It is a brilliant story and should be watched by a wider audience (especially political folks who have found their way to this blog).

So, if you are interested in politics, and if you like “The West Wing”, this is a perfect (albeit very dark) BBC-take on British politics. Can be found at Amazon, for example.


Blogger Pickles said...

I can second that - it's genuinely brilliant (although the first one is significantly more brilliant than the others 2)

I remember watching them when I was about 11 or something silly when they were first broadcast and being fascinated but not really getting it - but a few years back I happened accross them on UK Gold or some other cable channel - back to back, all night.

happy days.

19/2/06 17:31  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Sound like a good and long night. I was surprised that a Swedish newspaper recommended it but hopefully more people will get to watch it now. The phrase "You may think that, I couldn't possibly comment” should be known in wider circles...

20/2/06 21:32  
Blogger Jukka said...

FU kicks some serious political backside. How can someone be so evil, yet you actually find yourself rooting for the guy? Only an actor of Ian Richardsons capabilities can achieve that. Hell, even I nearly turned Tory.

Ian Dobbs had to bring FU back to life for "To Play the King" because of the BBC version's succcess.

21/2/06 14:28  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

"You actually find yourself rooting for the guy". Exactly what I felt as well. And it scared me!

23/2/06 08:33  
Blogger Pickles said...

"You may think that..." (you don't really need the rest in UK political circles as most have the DVD!) has definately entered my vocabulary...

23/2/06 19:19  

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