Friday, March 10, 2006

Left, and for Europe

When I was working for and with Social Democratic Students, I became active in a fantastic network of individuals called Left for Europe ("Vänster för Europa" in Swedish). The name says it all; we are all politically to the left of center, and positive vis-à-vis the European Union as a political project.

This network has stimulated my political thinking enormously, and just to hang out and discuss politics with people like Anders Ehnmark, Kenneth Kvist, Håkan A Bengtsson and Ylva Johansson (until she became a Minister in the Swedish Government) is fantastic.

Interesting conversations alone cannot change the world though, but now Left for Europe has the first important building block: a new website. Fellow bloggers Helena (and Jon) have done a fantastic work with the website, and I urge y'all to browse around, and don't miss that we have our annual meeting on the 4th of April.

Moreover, Left for Europe has older siblings in for example Norway (Radikalt Europa) and Denmark (Nyt Europa), and I often find political inspiration there as well. Moral of the story? When you are born in Scandinavia, being pro-EU and to the left of the center is a very natural and healthy combination. Stimulates your mind in a very good way, I promise!

(Talking about stimulating the mind; I won my first squash-match today, and except for thinking about where to put the ball, I ran veeeery much. A great sport.)


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Hi Eric!

I was waiting for a post here about the site... :-) Am quite happy that I have managed to contribute a bit to Swedish politics in some small way.

We have something vaguely resembling VfE in the UK - the Labour Movement for Europe. The national site is here and the site for London & The South East that I am responsible for is here. It's more party political than VfE - after all there is only one vaguely leftish party in the UK - but it is also trying to bring in trade unions too.

12/3/06 20:03  

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