Sunday, April 09, 2006

Are we winning after all?

According to the rumors you hear, Prodi’s Union is ahead in the late polls that you are not allowed to publish. This information is accessible even in Swedish newspapers, but from what I have heard about the current situation it is looking pretty good (i.e. the center-left is 3,5-5 points ahead). This has also been confirmed on Swedish TV.

However, now all Italians who want to get rid of Berlusconi – especially those who have been enjoying the nice weather all day – must go to the polling stations. The polls close at 10 PM tonight and at 3 PM tomorrow and from what I understand we might get rid of Berlusconi soon and after all. I hope. But it is impossible to know for sure. So keep on voting, all you Italians of the center-left!


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Hej Eric
Vi följer med spänning valet i Italien. Hoppas du tar med dig djävlar annama till valrörelsen i Sverige

9/4/06 21:51  

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