Monday, April 03, 2006

Good indeed, but not fantastic

Yesterday one of my old musical heroes, Morrissey, gave a concert in Stockholm. As always during a Moz-concert, it is very fascinating just to walk around and watch the people who come to his concerts. If we all would be locked up in that ice-hockey stadium for a year, very few Fred Perry shirts would be sold in Stockholm.

The concert was good, but not fantastic. I liked the band and the quite hard and noisy "wall of sound". I liked how the concert began ("First of the gang to die", really sharp and noisy guitars) and the new single "You have killed me" will stand the test of time. And most naturally: to hear the man himself sing songs like "Girlfriend in a coma", "Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me" -- but also "Irish blood English heart" -- underlines why Morrissey is one of the greatest.

However, the concert was very short, just as the other two times when I have seen him live (Solnahallen and Fryshuset). And I was hoping he would play "Come back to Camden", anything from "Vauxhall and I", and my favorite song with The Smiths: "There is a light that never goes out". None of those wishes came true, but I am not surprised since that is part of the charm with Morrissey. It is not three and a half hours with Bruce, ending up with "Twist and shout". But yesterday there was a gap between the years with The Smiths, and the two latest records (i.e. the whole Morrissey-period from 1988 to 1994 was missing). That was a shame.

Anyway, I am glad I went, and in the crowd loads of fellow journalists could be seen. I wonder what song a conservative columnist listens to before going to a Moz-concert. "Margaret On The Guillotine"?


Blogger Farsan_Baloo said...

Hejsan. Jag letar med ljus och lykta efter svenska bloggare med hjärtat på rätt ställe. Har startat "Solidaritetsbloggen" med syfte att lyfta intresset för biståndsfrågor samtidigt som vi tillsammans samlar in lite pengar.

I skrivande stund har vi fått in 2700 kronor till Unicefs arbete mot könsstympning av kvinnor i Central/ÖstAfrika.

Kanske är det något för dig?

4/4/06 10:52  
Anonymous psj said...

Hopefully I'm going to the see Morrissey in Malmö this friday - and I'm hoping indeed to hear the wonderfull " There is light.." - it has been on repeat in my Ipod for a couple of days now...

I could recommend the concert movie - "Who put the M in Manchester?"

5/4/06 23:09  
Blogger Pickles said...

It may interest you to know that The Smiths are Conservative leader David Cameron's favourite band.

His favourite album is "The Queen Is Dead" although he says "I don't necessarily agree with the sentiment, I really enjoy the music"

He's creepy.

7/4/06 15:54  

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