Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tim O’Reagan – new Americana for you

If you sit in an open-plan office, like you often do at newspapers, it is crucial to have a pair of headphones. Sometimes you really need to think, write and concentrate, and I prefer to do that with good music.

Through the record label Lost Highway I have found a lot of interesting artists, and good sites from where you can listen to their music. This morning I have been listening to Tim O’Reagan, scary last name, but good music and a fantastic voice. His self-titled debut album hit stores yesterday, and you can listen to it here.

Quite “Jayhawkish”, and read what the quality magazine No Depression had to say.

* * *

And when it comes to the World Cup, it is not over just because Sweden is out (of course). I have seen all the games of the second round so far, and I am most impressed with Argentina, like so many else. I was happy to see Ukraine win, and I found myself supporting old France over young Spain. My summer in France 1998, and the following year in Montpellier, never seems to fade away.

But I still think and hope that Italy will win. And that it is not only, but partly, because Italy has a center-left government now that scored a third victory over Berlusconi the other day. :-)


Blogger Graham Ó Maonaigh said...

Check out It makes radio stations of the music you like when you stick in an Artist's name. Very clever stuff... To set an account up you might have to give your country as 'USA' as they have changed the License since I set up an account.

I've discovered lots of bands that I did not know of previously but have coe to love now. Check it out

28/6/06 10:23  
Anonymous Henrik Gustafsson said...

Tim O´ Reagan - "Jayhawkish"- it´s time for me to vistit the losthighway website again.

Best football song ever recorded is of course "World in Motion" by New Order from 1990.

28/6/06 13:34  
Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

Since I work at the British Embassy I guess I don't have a choice in who I cheer for ;)

29/6/06 19:56  
Blogger Arto J. Virtanen said...

I`ve spent only 3,5 days in France (paris), but already lost my heart for the country. It was amazing to watch Zizou shining once again in the game against Spain and the whole team was just great.

This evening at least one big team will leave the tournament, and it won`t be Italy.. I`m guessing France and Italy to the final, where the fresh government will be disappointed;)

Have a nice summer Eric and good luck with the new post!

30/6/06 08:54  

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