Friday, August 04, 2006

Americana and Pride

I remember when U2 was one of very few bands with a decent website. Today, websites with loads of information and opportunities to download music are much more common, fortunately even for rather small artists in the country-rock tradition also known as Americana.

Therefore I was glad to hear that both Golden Smog and Tim O’Reagan have new websites. And if you haven’t seen Ryan Adams in concert for a long while, check out if he is at least somewhat sober this weekend (at Lollapalooza) here.

* * *

I had a great time at the Stockholm Pride Festival yesterday, moderating three seminars (about Europride 2008 in Stockholm, hate-crimes against LesBiGays, and violence in LesBiGay-relations). Read more about what the Social Democrats are doing during the festival here, and for regular updates and gossip, don’t miss Åsa Petersen’s blog. And now it is time to head back to the Festival in order to moderate three more seminars…


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