Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Memories of the World Cup 2006

It feels kind of sad, but the World Cup is over. Anyway, if it were held more often it would not be so special. Like US Presidential elections, I guess.

Here are my reflections.

I have to say I told you so: I said that “Italy will win” long before the World Cup started (see here and here), mainly because of their ability to “lock up” big games, and the fact that they have a left-of-center government now. But few TV-cameras recognized Napolitano in the stands.

Striker I would love to have in Liverpool: I will give you this one, all fans of Arsenal: Thierry Henry.

Midfielder I would love to have in Liverpool: We already have Steven Gerrard, but to see Bastian Schweinsteiger or Franck Ribery running up and down the sidelines of Anfield would be great.

Defender I would love to have in Liverpool: There is only one Fabio Cannavaro.

Goalkeeper I would love to have in Liverpool: I really like our own Pepe Reina, but Jens Lehman or Gianluigi Buffon are both great. If I had to choose I would go for Buffon.

Player I would love to have in IFK Göteborg: Steven Gerrard, of course.

What should Sven-Goran Eriksson do know? Help my beloved Bologna to get back to Serie A.

Advice to England: Penalties should follow after all games in England that end in a draw. Apply this in all games, all series, on all levels. Then all English players would have taken, and scored, quite a few penalties in decisive moments before you reach the World Cup.

Sweden’s problems?
Out of all players in the squad, only one came from the greater region of Stockholm (Rami Shaban, the sub goalkeeper). We need better playing grounds and better football schools in Stockholm, where loads of talents seem to be lost.

And what did Materazzi say to Zidane? ”Bruno Cheyrou is the new you” (only Liverpool fans and football nerds will get this one).

* * *

I hope my sister’s boyfriend’s older brother still lives in South Africa in 2010, and that old friends in the ANC still will remember me. A World Cup in Africa sounds very nice, but right now four years seems very far away.

Thanks for discussing this with me Andreas, Klas and Örn.


Anonymous The fan of Pirlo said...


Je suis ravi de pouvoir te lire, sur des sujets si graves, en anglais (en français? pas encore vu, et en suédois!!, moins amusant ;-(, mais on va tous s'y mettre un jour).

But I'm also sad. By reading your blog, I must conclude that you haven't A word for The Player who scored the first goal for Italy in the Mundial 2006 AND the first penalty during the final.

These are two of the multiple actions of one of the pillars of the Squadra Azurra.

This great 21 (and I'm pride to say that I have a 6 years old 'maillot' from his INTER period) finished at the 3rd rank of the top players of the Mundial.

An explanation for your 'oubli'?
Not fan of Andrea?

28/7/06 16:09  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Hi! So glad to hear from you, and happy to see that you have found your way to my blog. Is it already seven years since we hung out in Geneva...!? And you are still in Brussels, right? I might come there late in September.

Regarding Pirlo: I admit that I should have mentioned him, a great player, and he deserves the high ranking as one of the top players of the World Cup. I will compensate my oubli by buying you a beer next time we meet!

31/7/06 13:32  
Anonymous Thierry Dethier said...

Hi Eric,

Nice to read your answer!, indeed 7 years after Geneva.
I'm still in Brussels and I'm glad to learn that you could visit our city next month.
If it's confirmed, you must contact me to drink this 'Pirlo' beer and have a nice dinner at home!

If you do so, we will be very happy if you can take the FT article over Bill Clinton and HIV/Aids, as we have a great interest in the matter (HIV, not Bill!) and that we are not registred to the FT !

Hope to see you soon,

23/8/06 10:53  

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