Monday, August 07, 2006

Working weekend (Pride and Björkvik)

Spent Friday evening moderating another three seminars at the Pride-festival, the topics were the work with hbt-issues in the Swedish parliament, the relation between ethnicity and sexuality, and children and adoptions in hbt-relations.

On Saturday I walked in the fantastic Pride-parade through Stockholm, above you can see fellow blogger (and MP) Maryam handing out roses.

[Read a personal column about the Pride-festival here and an article about it here].

* * *

Sunday meant Björkvik and Sweden’s Prime Minister Göran Persson’s yearly speech there. It was the best speech I have heard Persson deliver at Björkvik, mostly because of the clear international perspective (the turmoil in the Middle East), the long-term perspective and link to sustainable development (through our dependence on oil), and clear ideological focus when talking about reforms (we will keep the economy in order so that we can help those in most need). Not bad, and promising for the election campaign.

[Read more about my thoughts about Björkvik here, and thanks PEG, Anna, Nina and Torbjörn for help and company].

* * *

And how should I interpret this review of myself?


Blogger Claes Nordmark said...

"Sundström skulle kunna skaka om SAP-etablissemanget, men just nu tynar han bort som propagandaproducent på AiP."

Ett rätt av två är väl inte så illa av en liberal tidning som ST? ;-)

7/8/06 21:31  

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