Monday, April 30, 2007

First of May coming up

Aktuellt i Politiken is a Royal newspaper this week. In my editorial I link Ségo with Mona and stress their work with internal democracy in their respective party. These two women can be put in contrast to Sarkozy and the likely new leader of Sweden’s ”liberal” party, Mr Jan Björklund. Both these angry men thought it was a-ok to invade Iraq without support in the UN. Moreover, I support Mona’s effort to shape up the social democratic policy on education, an important move that should not be confused with Jan Björklund’s populist rhetoric.

You can also read a longer text about election night on Rue de Solférino, and an analysis on why Royal can win. Hey, Jacques Delors is now urging all centrists to vote for her.

* * *

First of May tomorrow. I am the main speaker in the city of Hudiksvall, a great little town on the east coast of Sweden, a good three-hour drive north of Stockholm. I am very much looking forward to it and I will travel up there with my good friends Henrik and Torbjörn this afternoon (they agreed to turn this into a road-trip and drive me up there - thanks guys). Music and a nice scenery along the way, dinner in Hudiksvall tonight, and red flags, banners and big speech tomorrow. (List of all speakers here).

* * *

A new interesting blogger seems to be entering the blogosphere. Welcome, Mr. Schori.

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Blogger Kevin Walsh said...

Off topic question; would Liverpool prefered to have seen Man U. in the Champions League finals instead of Milan?

See you at the BBQ.

3/5/07 14:55  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

I saw a poll on a LFC web-page and some 80 percent preferred Milan. I think the main reason is the fear of hooliganism with so many English fans in Athens. And to lose such a game against Man U would be horrible...

I am in your house in DC now so see ya soon!

4/5/07 00:34  

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