Thursday, May 10, 2007

US-vacation 1: The Wedding

As I said before, I am currently on holiday for 10 days in the Washington DC. And as my barber in Stockholm said: “Are you going there again?” My barber is right, but the truth is that I have so many friends here and nowadays there is at least one marriage a year I just have to go to. This time, Brian and Mendi (picture) finally got married, and the marriage was an amazing Thursday to Sunday affair; drinks with old friends from grad school/SAIS on Thursday, rehearsal dinner including Bütros Bütros on Friday, ceremony and party and bar and Ben’s Chili Bowl on Saturday, brunch Sunday.

It was an amazing weekend, and for the first time my girlfriend Emma met all my DC-friends. Right now Brian and Mendi are on honeymoon in France, and I would just like to say (once again) big thanks, good luck, and hope to see you again soon.



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