Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Friends and family (becoming an uncle)

Just have to share some pure joy with y’all: Yesterday my sister Anna gave birth to a wonderful boy, William Bo Axel, and I am even more happy and excited than I thought possible. William is gorgeous and both parents are feeling fine (even though my wonderful sister is a little bit tired, of course).

And as Tony Soprano would say: Friends are great, but the only thing you can really trust in life is family. I am a very proud and almost pathetic uncle today.


Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

Grattis!! Han ser jättesöt ut!

25/7/07 22:07  
Blogger DeTocqueville said...

Congrats to Anna, Per Erik, and of course, you, Eric!

Now Eric will FINALLY have some competition for next year's "Hottest Man" at Almedalen...

25/7/07 23:51  
Blogger mike said...

Svenski - congrats! The Bologna class of 2030 is looking great.

Congrats to you, your sister and the whole family.

26/7/07 02:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Få ting är roligare än att få nya familjemedlemmar.


26/7/07 12:53  
Blogger Brian Booth said...

Félicitations à toute la famille!

30/7/07 11:27  

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