Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Al Gore and The Sopranos

I have written before that I would like to see Al Gore running for the Democratic nomination. He was right on the big issues (environment, balanced and competitive economy, welfare) already 15-20 years ago; he can provide the experienced leadership Americans are asking for; and therefore he will win (I am not that sure that Hillary Clinton would win, and she will get the nomination if Gore won’t run, even if Obama is raising a lot of money).

I have also written about The Sopranos, and what happens when my political world collides with that brilliant show.

Conclusion: Have you heard the story about Al Gore and the last episode of The Sopranos? From The Progress Report:
Al Gore is a ”die‑hard” Sopranos fan, but was going to have to miss last month's season finale because he was scheduled to be on a plane to Istanbul. So Gore called Brad Grey, the chairman of Paramount, and asked for an advance copy.

After originally refusing, Grey eventually ”had a Halliburton‑made steel case, containing a copy of the episode, delivered to the tarmac where Mr. Gore's plane sat in Chicago. The case was locked with a code. ... Mr. Gore could not open it until the plane was in the air, when he was instructed to call Mr. Grey's office for the numeric code.”
Enough said, Al Gore ought to be re-elected.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Även om jag bara följt amerikansk politik på långt håll så är jag rädd att du har rätt. Men Gore kommer väl köra till slut? Eller vad är tipset?


3/7/07 23:05  

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