Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Turkish elections: All good?

The reports in media about the Turkish elections, but also comments by Western European leaders, have been very mainstream. Most commentators seem to agree that the Islamic-rooted AKP has implemented important reforms domestically, while pursuing a pro-EU foreign policy. Pretty good for an Islamic-rooted party, Westerns seem to say, and thus their election victory is welcomed.

One thing I would like to know/read more about is how and why the AKP can stay so EU-positive when major EU-countries (read: CDU-lead Germany and Gaullist-led France) are so negative vis-à-vis Turkey?

From a social democratic standpoint it is important to note that Morgan Johansson, Minister of Health in the Swedish government 2002-2006, has called for the exclusion of the party CHP from the Socialist International. Morgan is the Swedish Social Democratic member in the PES-committee monitoring Turkey’s negotiations for EU-membership. His main argument is the way in which the CHP blocked the election of Abdullah Gül as new President of Turkey.

I don’t know enough about the matter, but Morgan is always very knowledgable when it comes to these questions. I am open for any arguments or reading suggestions.

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Don’t miss that my good friend Claes Nordmark is blogging like crazy from Turkey [in Swedish].



Anonymous esra said...

noone could claim anymore that CHP is a social democratic party though it says so. they are the ones who blocked the presidential election! they did just applauded and tried to use the weird intervention of army. moreover, eric, you can not distinguish chp from a neo-liberal and moreover from a neo-fascist party when you read or listen any little speech of them. coming to the results for me as a turkish citizen. at this elections, representation matter of parties (especially those of our kurdish comrades)had been solved somehow. this is a good news. yet however a nationalist party and nationalist chp will be also in the parliament! this would create possible potential problems for kurdish members. coming to akp government, despite their modern, reformist outlook, as a university student I do at first hand experience their conservative staff. moreover, akp again a follower of neo-liberal politics.furthermore unlike the pink picture drawn by media both domestic and foreign, there is an increase in both poverty and unemployment charts. reforms seem to be benefited generally by akp followers.
I do wish the best for my country, for the whole world. one thing to remember. another world is possible!

ps: I also waqnt to congratulate our new uncle. I hope William Bo Axel will live in a better world :)

26/7/07 00:04  
Blogger Claes Nordmark said...

First: Congrats to you, uncle Eric!! One can tell that you and William are relatives ;-)

Second: I missed you & Emma (and Shoresh & Sukran) in south eastern Turkey. It was as hot as in northern Iraq/iraqi Kurdistan 2005 and my stomac got the same experience as we all got 2005...

Third: From what I experienced in Turkey, the CHP should be kicked out of the Socialist International. The sooner the better. Have written some things about it in swedish on my blog.

By the way, hope you got the MMS I sent you from the mountains. It was so beautiful I almost lost my breath!

26/7/07 14:38  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Esra: I was hoping that you would comment this blog post, thanks! Is there any other reformist organizations in Turkey that we social democrats should pay attention to?

Claes: Got your MMS from Turkey, made me a Jealous Guy. Hope some of your writings will end up in AiP.

Both of you: Thanks for your regards to William, I will see him again tomorrow.

28/7/07 22:48  

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