Friday, September 28, 2007

The Saffron Revolution

We are all following what is going on in Burma right now. I just got a ”Global call to Action” from IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth) and the blog they have started in order to follow ”the Saffron Revolution” might prove to be a useful source of information.

If you grew up politically in Social Democratic Students in Sweden (SSF), Burma becomes a part of your political awakening. Since the early 1990s, SSF has done an important work for Burma, thanks to people like Jesper Bengtsson and Åsa Kullgren (for example).

During my time as SSF-president, our activities for Burma intensified, notably thanks to my very good friend Marin Gemzell, and later by efforts by people like Paula Rasmusson, Kristian Brangenfeldt, Frida Perjus, Cattis Ullström, Gunilla Hjalmarson and many many others. I also wrote one of my editorials in SSFs magazine Libertas about Burma (here, in Swedish), and during the last year we have published quite a few articles about the current situation in Burma in Aktuellt i Politiken.

For people who have been working for Burma during many years, these are hectic days. Let us hope that a peaceful change is possible, and let us continue our support whatever happens the coming days and weeks.