Friday, October 05, 2007

The comeback kids (and our budget)

I just read one of those articles that reminds me why The Economist is a very good magazine. Read their Clinton special here. And don’t miss Torbjörn Nilsson’s article about Sweden’s left party in Fokus this week.

* * *

The Swedish Social Democratic party presented their alternative to the government’s budget today. When it comes to policy I liked it; a lot of stuff to promote jobs and growth, and a necessary tax reduction for retired people (so far, all tax cuts have gone to working people, leaving old people behind). However, I think the presentation of our budget could have been more focused, even I cannot really understand what the number one priority is.

My editorial about this, that will be published in Aktuellt i Politiken on Monday, is already on the web.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Xcellent tip about h clinton. hillary will make it.

5/10/07 23:21  

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