Friday, July 08, 2005

Sad last day in Almedalen, and now Iraq...

The last day in Almedalen was of course totally overshadowed by the terrible terrorist attack in London so I won't go in to party politics today. For me it brought back a lot of memories of 911 since I was in Washington DC that day. Naturally, it is always easier to relate to places you visit on a regular basis and have a lot of friends. However, we must not forget the bigger picture and as we stand up to defend our free and open society, we must also work harder to bridge the inequalities in the world. Soon I will fly to Turkey and later I will visit Iraq in order to start a project there. The aim is to improve the higher educational system and work with student organizations (Kurdish but also others) around subjects such as democracy and gender equality. Hopefully I will be able to blog from there but otherwise articles and observations will be linked to and presented with this blog as a base. And I promise you mum and all other friends: we will be careful, of course. But to intensify the work for democracy and human rights is as needed right now as ever before.


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