Sunday, September 18, 2005

Go Reds*3!

As we all know, one of the most classic political parties in Europe - SPD in Germany - is facing a tough election today. The polls have been getting closer and after talking to some friends in Germany I have some hope - the mood is good among the social democrats and the race is not over. What many people are saying is that we can have a totally new situation in German politics after the election: no clear winner, one more party above 5 percent (the new left/Links party); a new ball game... Quite a few pundits are talking about a "big coalition" of SPD and CDU if there is no clear winner; personally I wonder why there isn't more talk about a "stop-light coalition" (red, yellow, green; SPD, Greens, the Liberal party). Just a thought, I remember my professor in German politics at SAIS (Hans-Peter Schwarz) talking about the "stop-light coalition" at some point, it might not be realistic, but remember where you read it first.

(Now I am off to hand out ballots for the Social Democrats in the "Church election" that we have in Sweden today. I will miss Liverpool-Man Utd on TV because of that, but I am hoping for a threefold red victory today: in Germany, in the Swedish election, and at Anfield. Go Reds!)


Blogger Rémi Bazillier said...

And what about a LEFT coalition (SPD, Greens, Linkspartei)?

18/9/05 17:28  
Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

The exit polls show CDU definitely becoming the biggest party but that the left bloc maybe getting 1 % more than the right! So we'll see! Fingers crossed!

PS. Noticed your name on one of the Church poll list today - you got my vote!

18/9/05 18:23  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Remi: Naturally, a left-coalition would be very interesting, but I have heard a lot of resentment against Links among people in SPD. But I think you have red-red-green cooperation in Berlin?!

Anna: Thanks for your vote! Right now SPD is only one percent behind (, and the cities should be counted last...

18/9/05 20:26  

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