Friday, September 02, 2005

On a southbound train

Right now I am sitting on the new Swedish X2000 train (our TGV) between Stockholm and Malmö, and they have WiFi working so I am online right now! So far it is free of charge (it might stay free of charge in first class) and I must say this is great. And laying ahead is a weekend in Copenhagen with my friend Lukas from Washington DC (yes, we went to SAIS together, and recently SAIS was ranked as the top master's program in International Relations for students looking to pursue a policy career. Just so you know).

While reading e-mails, reading stuff about Michael's stupid decision to turn Liverpool FC down, and up-dating this blog I am listening to John Prine's CD "Fair & square" that I have to recommend (it is his first record in ten long years). Also heard from my friend Jeff that the new Son Volt record is supposed to be great (yes, there is a new Son Volt CD now!!!).

Last note: During his recent tour in Europe and the US, Bruce Springsteen played 115 different songs (no, not the same night stupid, 115 different songs during the whole tour). That seems like class to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well whaddya know,
They even have WiFi at Heraklion Airport. Otherwise well known to be one of the worst in Europe.
Mind..your luggage, do notpack any fragile objects.

11/9/05 20:19  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Hope you are fine in Greece/Crete, and keep in touch Ulf!

13/9/05 22:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"On a southbound train that seems to eat through the German countryside like a miter saw through wood." Gotta love that track by Forss.

It's a journey of personal reflections played against a complex and sometimes painfully grievous historic backdrop. This track spurts of fascination for the history of continental Europe as well as a vigorous enthusiasm for it's future.

And the beautiful words! "Grapevines growing rooted from the lips of the rhyhmsayer. [..] Today in the gunpowder in the continental bullet. [...] My destination: just beyond the trees."

14/9/05 21:34  

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