Thursday, October 20, 2005

What's up with the extreme-left, part II

The youth organization (Ung vänster) of the former Swedish Communist party (vänsterpartiet) is about to elect a new president, and the unanimous election committee’s candidate is a person called Ida Gabrielsson. She is interviewed in Aftonbladet today, and she does not hesitate to call herself a communist “since we have a history to really be prod of”. If she is quoted correctly, she has quite a few history books to catch up with. (She is not asked if she shares Åsa Linderborg’s ideas about terrorism in Iraq, read more about that here).

In the early 1990s I followed a friend to a few meetings with that organization. Each time I read statements like this I remember why I never went back, and why I stuck with the reformism of the social democratic movement. In what galaxy do you find these Swedish communists today? (And if you happens to end up on one of these planets for a short while, I recommend you to take a sharp turn and get out of there. And if you would decide to stay and fight, remember to put democracy above communism, for crying out loud).


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