Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bob Dylan and the direction home

Finally saw the first part of Martin Scorsese’s documentary about Bob Dylan, No direction home, last night. High expectations were met and I must admit that I am really fascinated by the Beatnik-period and the 1960s in Greenwich Village – a lot of amazing literature, music and political consciousness came out of that period. As expected, the documentary included a lot of interesting footage but I must say that what I liked the most was all the interviews with people I had mostly read about before; Suze Rotolo, John Cohen, Dave van Ronk, Mark Spoelestra, etc. And above all, it was a joy to hear Bob Dylan himself talk at length about his formative years in the same open way as he wrote about them in Chronicles Volume One. I will miss part two (which will be shown on the rather obscure TV-channel Kunskapskanalen tomorrow Monday) due to a short trip to London, but I will record it and I hope it will include the most well-known “conversation” in rock’n’roll (Judas…).


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