Friday, October 21, 2005

What’s up with the extreme-left, part III

This is getting more and more fun every day now. In today’s DN there is an interview with Werner Schmidt, who is publishing a book about the communist left in Sweden. He says that “the Soviet rucksack is still fixed to the body of the Left party”. Below there is an interview with Ida Gabrielsson, who again does not acknowledge any problems in the history of communism. See the connection? Will Werner send her a copy of his book?

And at the website of the organization Ida Gabrielsson will become president/chairperson of, there is a comment about Margot Wallström’s plan to democratize the EU – Plan D (as in democracy, dialogue and debate). At the website the plan is called “D as in dictatorship”. OK folks. The communist movement in Sweden was supported by a dictatorship (the Soviet Union) well into the 1960s and maybe longer. Today the European left is discussing how to democratize globalization, and create a European public space where citizens can debate politics. To think that communism, nationalism and EU-bashing is the way forward is ridiculous. Therefore, if you are young and to the left in politics, read Habermas and support Wallström’s initiative instead.


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