Thursday, October 06, 2005

Are you feeling lucky?

Just got this from an Irish friend, hurry up!
1) go to
2) type in "failure" without the quotes
3) press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one)
4) Laugh
Hurry, before the good folks at google fix this/are sued...


Blogger mike d said...

I wouldn't worry about that going anywhere anytime soon... that's been a "feature" of Google since before the 04 election.

And it's not something "wrong" with Google, it's that a bunch of liberals here on the web linked the word "failure" to W's bio. In fact, if you wanted to do your part, you could do it as well, adding another "vote" to Google's pagerank system. Patrick would be proud...

6/10/05 13:31  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Typically you to know stuff about this, thanks! I never heard of this one before and got a good laugh, though. Hope you are fine, guess you will be driving a cabriolet around Miami this weekend, as usual!!? ;-)

7/10/05 11:39  
Anonymous Claes Nordmark said...

Smashing! This also used to work if you typed "weapons of mass destruction" but I guess that someone at google got a call from the White House...

9/10/05 22:21  

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