Monday, October 10, 2005

Clean out your wardrobes, folks!

Living in a small apartment means that you should throw some clothes away at least once in a while. Last week I cleaned my wardrobe, trying to use the “two-year-rule” (i.e. throw away everything you have not used in two years). Although I used that rule in a flexible way, I ended up with quite a big pile of clothes, shoes etc. Moreover I was convinced to give everything to Convictus, an organization that runs a center for people with drug problems, most notably for persons who also are HIV-positive.

I started my Sunday by paying a visit to the center that has a café, a room where you can sleep, showers, and a section where you can get new clothes. And it was very nice to see that the pair of jeans I bought at an outlet in Virginia, but that I never really got to like, immediately came to use at the center. Along with the sweater I bought at H&M some ten years ago and maybe used twice (it survived quite a few two-year-tests), and my old Manhattan Transfer-bag that I used every day for way too long, along with a lot of other stuff…

The point I am making is pretty obvious; it is easy that sunny weekends, like the one we had in Stockholm this weekend, pass away without any concrete action helping people who are not always on the sunny side of the street. I am not trying to take the higher moral ground here, just because I ended up doing something in a concrete way this weekend. I just want to say that I felt so happy when that pair of jeans finally came to use, and Convictus is one organization you can support if you live in Stockholm and happens to clean out your wardrobe.


Anonymous Anita Fejes said...

Hi Eric, this is something similar what I usually do. For example I did it this sunny weekend in Budapest as well. I give the unused clothes to one of my colleagues, who can distribute them among her poor neighbours. So I think it is an important thing and should be mentioned here. Have a nice day!

10/10/05 11:12  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Thanks Anita, great hearing from you, and good idea to help out when you go abroad as well!

12/10/05 10:38  

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