Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"I wanna kiss the groom!"

It's a big day in England and Wales: Elton John and David Furnish and a lot of other couples were "married" today as the first same-sex civil partnership ceremonies took place (read more about it here). To all Fred Perry-progressives (i.e. center-left political junkies who also like good music and nice clothes) it is way too obvious that all people should be treated in the same way and have the same rights (and obligations) in society. And that is, of course, regardless of who you want to share your life (or just a night) with. The same-sex civil partnership is a big and important, but not the final, step.

Here and now I would just like to thank Elton John, whose music I very seldom listen to, for lending his stardom to this very important issue. Homophobia is still out there, but since he “married” his David on the very first day possible, many more newspapers (and blogs) will write about it. And I would also like to think that quite a few people who have been skeptical vis-à-vis same-sex civil partnership will think it over again, since the very-likeable-candle-in-wind-Elton-John was first in line.

So to Elton, David and all you others, congratulations, and let’s continue to fight for an equal society free from homophobia. In England, Wales, Sweden and elsewhere.

(Picture of one of the Elton John records I have heard and liked, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I think the music of Elton John is a little bit like the music of Billy Joel - the earlier the better).


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