Tuesday, December 13, 2005

John Glen and Sean Penn...

Through Natalie and Jonas, I read about a face recognition demo that proved to be hilarious. The idea is simple, hand in a photo and you will "know" what celebrity you look like (yeah, right). Jonas had an awful start, but then found out he looks a lot like Paul Auster, who is both good-looking and a fantastic author. Nathalie also had a bad start, but then found out she looks just like Jennifer Connelly. Naturally, after that I wanted to find out as well.

When I celebrated Thanksgiving outside Cleveland, Ohio in 2001 there was some really close family of the astronaut John Glen at that party. I thought it was pretty cool, but little did I know I resemble John Glen to some 67 percent. I was really disappointed to have such an old guy as number one on my face recognition demo list, but given that he is a really old astronaut, he looks ok. I hope that is a good sign for the future.

The rest of my list was more encouraging: Dennis Quaid was the second “celebrity” who came up. We look 61 percent alike. (Yes, Quaid is one of those actors you have seen a lot of but whose name you always forget. I looked him up in the IMDB and he has been in some 55 films). Number three and four puts me in the Paul Auster division: Gene Kelly (60 percent, looks a lot like my dad as well) and then… Robert Redford (58 percent). So now I am happy and can leave the office in good spirit.

Only thing that bugs me is why Sean Penn is not in the celebrity database. If he were, John Glen would not have come up first, of course...


Blogger Malin said...

Tack för en bra blogg, och tack för tipset! Har haft riktigt kul här under kvällen :) Hoppas du har det bra på Aip och att du snart kommer och hälsar på oss här i Lkpg!

15/12/05 00:42  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Jag kommer gärna till Linköping i vår, det blir alltid kul och det börjar bli länge sedan. Och tack för glada tillrop!

19/12/05 10:52  

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