Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Election kick-off

During the SAP-LO election kick-off in Örebro (Tue-Wed) I will be mostly writing at aip.nu, see you there! (And don't miss the SAPs new homepage!)


Blogger Esa Suominen said...

Went to check out the new SAP pages. Looking good! I'm trying to convince our old folks to renew our own party pages to look something like that. Fresh, good themes, trendy.. excellent! Gives a good impression.


ps. what we're up to at the moment, see www.sdp.fi and you know why I'm worried...

15/2/06 12:52  
Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Yes, the new website is very smart! But what happened to the Nordic commitment to open source software? The system powering the site is not only a commercial piece of software, but it's also based on ASP - a Microsoft technology!

On the other hand, Labour in the UK (site here) is using a Danish open source package called Typo3 to run their site.

SAP's design and branding is a lot better than Labour's though!

15/2/06 15:20  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

I will tell our webmaster that you like it, and now we actually have the postal code function of the Labour site! And Esa, you Finns are supposed to be masters of technology so go on and convince your comrades to get a new webpage!

16/2/06 11:47  
Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Ah, well, there are ideas that manage to filter from Labour to the SAP... Normally via the office of the party in Stockholms Lan! :-)

BTW, do you know what font it is that is being used for the main headlines on the site? It looks good and I might borrow the idea for the site I am making for the Labour Movement for Europe in London - just a test page for the moment.

16/2/06 17:24  

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