Monday, February 13, 2006

SAIS-professor in the news again

One of my old professors at Johns Hopkins SAIS in Bologna, John Harper, is interviewed in a Swedish newspaper today (here). I think Harper makes one very good comparison: Italians elected Berlusconi for the same reasons that the Brits elected Thatcher; hoping that economic problems would be thoroughly addressed. But Berlusconi has not at all delivered, which gives the opposition a good chance to win, says Harper.

Personally I just decided to travel to Italy for the week of the election, and I am looking forward to an election victory that finally will end Berlusconi's years in politics. In 2001 I lived in Bologna and watched supporters of Berlusconi and the neo-fascists celebrate together in a piazza. Let us hope that the Italian left, an alliance of some nine parties, won’t mess up this time.
(Picture of Piazza Maggiore in central Bologna)


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

As if we needed more evidence to get rid of him, Berlusconi has managed to be even more vulgar and ridiculous than normal in the last few weeks - stating he would abstain from sex, that his role was like Napoleon, and now partially comparing himself to Jesus - see this from the BBC.

I too was in Italy for the election campaign in 2001... I can particularly remember some nasty jigsaw puzzles to be given to small children which - when complete - had a smiling face of Berlusconi on them. Ugh.

13/2/06 18:36  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Berlusconi is becoming even more crazy these days, hopefully Prodi can cheer up and give us a new Italian government. And talking about the jigsaw puzzle, remember the booklet with some 100 pictures of Berluxxsconi!!?

16/2/06 11:43  

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