Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Catching-up II: Conservative days

Conclusion after spending Friday and Saturday in Jönköping at the Swedish Conservative party's conference: honestly I am not that impressed. The atmosphere was not at all "we really have a chance to win a general election", and I think the confidence at a New Labour conference in 1997, or a SPD conference in 1998, must have been totally different.

One reason might be that Swedish economic growth now really is rockin', something that gives the Social Democratic party the possibility to run a positive campaign full of reforms. You will find my conclusions here (in Swedish).


Anonymous C. L. K. Aqurette said...

Capitalizing the name of a political party indicate that this is the proper name. However, there is no Conservative Party in Sweden, although the Moderate Party and the Christian Democrats might be described as conservative parties since they are members of the EPP-ED group in the European Parliament. The Moderate Party, to which you refer in some of your resent blog entries, organizes liberals and libertarians as well as conservatives.

26/3/06 18:26  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Can I call them the Moderates (i.e. the Swedish Right/Conservative party, friends with Thatcher, Bush and Berlusconi)? ;-)

28/3/06 18:30  
Anonymous C. L. K. Aqurette said...

Well, to be correct you must use "friends of" since the party does not really have a personal relationship with the people mentioned.

My point was that it is better to be polite by using the correct name of a political party rather than to fabricate a name based on ideology. The Social Democratic Party should not be styled the Marxist Party although this is the ideology on which the party politics is based. If one wants to smear, there are better and subtler methods.

30/3/06 12:37  

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