Monday, April 10, 2006

Italy votes and should say basta!

It’s Monday morning. I am sitting in a hotel lobby in Reggio Emilia and the polls just re-opened. They will close by 3 PM, then we will get the exit polls, and then we might get a final indication saying how this is going.

The more I hear and learn about Berlusconi’s leadership of this country, the more I understand why so many people are desperate to get rid of him. Sure, the growth rate has been terrible during his five years in power, averaging 0,8 percent. But this is about freedom of speech, the functioning of a modern, western democracy. It is also about a country getting more and more and divided; between north and south, as always, but also within cities and regions. “I will govern for the whole of Italy, also for those who vote for other parties”, Romano Prodi said during his last election rally in Rome. That’s a big difference compared to Berlusconi who calls his opponents you know what.

Guess I should make some predictions as well. I think Prodi’s Union will win by 3,8 percent in the vote for the lower house, and with slightly less for the senate. This will make the Ulivo, and especially Democratici di Sinistra, the election winners. But I also think that la Rosa nel Pugna and Alleanza Nazionale will emerge stronger than expected. Lega Nord and Forza Italia will be the clear losers, but also the Greens and the Di Pietro-list since they will be beaten by la Rosa nel Pugna. But Rosa nel Pugna will of course be beaten by Rifondazione Comunista and the Margherita. Personally I hope that the Margherita will get at least 10 percent since I hope they will merge with DS in the long term, and this will only happen if the Margaherita feel that they can merge from a position of strength.

OK, I am really shooting from the hip here, so don’t take these predictions too seriously. And the most important thing is that the voters will say basta Berlusconi, so that the whole of Italy can get a new start. Time to leave the lobby and watch this happen.


Blogger Fabian said...

Your guess was not bad at all - according to the polls I got here, Forza Italia has lost about 8 percent.

Could mean the end of this arguable Berlusconi methods to control the media and insult everybody on this continent - and hopefully will.

10/4/06 15:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Är det du som lyckats övertyga de sista osäkra väljarna, eller?


10/4/06 15:54  

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