Sunday, May 21, 2006

Working on the highway?

Tonight (Sunday) Bruce Springsteen will play in Stockholm and needless to say I hope it will be a great night. Just spoke to my friend Henrik who has a theory suggesting that Springsteen will play "Working on the highway".

According to his theory, Bruce always plays some special songs when in Sweden. And when Springsteen first started with the Seeger Sessions in the late 1990s he visited the Conan O'Brien show and played... "Working on a highway".

Now I am on my way to meet up Henrik and some other friends before the show, and we will see if Henrik's theory holds. I am still hoping for "Tougher than the rest", but in any case I am sure we are up for a fun night.


Anonymous Lisa Pettersson said...

Så hur var kvällen då? Blir ju onekligen nyfiken!

22/5/06 12:18  
Anonymous Per said...

Jag tycker att kvällen var bra, även om man kanske kunde önskat ytterligare någon djärv storbandscover på någon klassiker. Rockabillylåtarna från The River var väl okej men inget fantastiskt. Däremot svängde det rejält om flera Seeger Sessions-låtar, som Oklahoma, McGrath och Eyes on the Prize.

Vill dessutom tipsa om att How can a poor man stand such times finns på

Tack för igår, Eric, Emma, Henrik och Mattias.

22/5/06 14:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10/11/09 18:18  

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