Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Could not resist a West Wing test...

The idealistic speechwriter is well-liked by just about everyone. He's known for his excellent writing, sense of humor, and tendency to be clutzy. Although being younger than the rest of the staff, he's often treated as so, much to his dismay.

Just found a fun test thanks to Hoverbike, and could not resist doing it. Some of the questions were somewhat leading, but I had no idea how it would end. Didn't mind, though...


Blogger Brian Booth said...

"You are Toby Ziegler..."

Well, at least we've got the same haircut! :D

10/8/06 10:19  
Anonymous Helena Söderlind Paues said...

Haha vilket skojigt test!

/helena aka CJ Cregg

10/8/06 12:48  
Blogger Nathalie Sundesten Landin said...

O jag blev Donna.

17/8/06 21:34  

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